Seymour Gris: SUVs and coffee cups



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Capitalism is the obvious cause of pollution.

As evidenced by the fact that Communist countries boasted great environmental records.

Ché more than 7 years ago


...and they didn't have to go cups or SUVs... good try

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago

Good article!

However, since you mentioned it: veganism will offset all the papercups and all the SUV's together, and so much more. As pointed out in the new film "Cowspiracy" ( ) it's actually the single most important step a person can make in order to have a real impact on our world.

I'm still loving the idea of giving up paper cups... and will join you from today on!

Jack Lucas more than 7 years ago

stopping... use paper cups might be a small thing but with great effect if done by more people. little steps taken by a lot of people: why shouldnt that be the way to go :)

Johannes Heim more than 7 years ago

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