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Waste is not waste

Although I think you're right to question the pseudo-sustainability of one-way-packaging used in "ethical" supermarkets and cafés, it is of course much better to use cornstarch (Goodies does it, probably Daluma too) than petrochemical plastic. Biomüll is not what heats up the planet. So drop those postmodern quotation marks - their containers are compostable, not "compostable".

Besserwisser more than 4 years ago


good point, but it's not just street food or to-go or delivery that's the problem. as someone from America – land of the wasteful – i'm disgusted at the overpackaging of groceries in Germany. what's the point of wrapping a single cucumber in plastic? snacks wrapped in plastic and then put inside a cardboard box? it seems impossible to find anything in bulk aside from at Original Unverpackt. that bag of dried goji berries marked as "bio"? no, plastic is not bio.

Joey more than 4 years ago


That's very true... the bulk bins at US health food stores are awesome - and way that "bio" stuff is heavily shrinkwrapped at Rewe, Netto and co. totally defeats the purpose. All that plastic is a reflection of "bio" gone mass market and become an industrial product.

Seymour Gris more than 4 years ago


and even going to the fancier bio stores will only yield smaller portions with bigger packaging, presumably to obscure the reality of how much one is spending on the contents.

jam more than 4 years ago

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