Seymour Gris: Tech in the Death Strip



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I can't believe the way these tech guys are disrupting the old ways. They are ALL about the money! When we made companies it was never about the profits, out innovating competition, or providing a better product! And the poor, poor old companies that employ skilled people, not like these new companies that employ skilled. And how dare they make money on the "web"... But if you could please login with facebook, or click one of our google ads it would help to pay my salary. Also here is ome related content you might also like.
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Concerned more than 6 years ago

To Save Eveything Click Here..

Evgeny Morozov wrote an excellent book on the subject of disruption and techno solutionism, titled "To Save Everything Click Here"

Michael more than 6 years ago

Dear Eric Schmidt

Open letter from Alex Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner to Eric Schmidt.

Dear Eric,

There is a quote from you in this context that concerns me. In 2009 you said: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” The only sentence that is even more worrying comes from Mark Zuckerberg when he was on the podium of a conference with you and I in the audience. Someone asked what Facebook thinks of the storage of data and the protection of privacy. And Zuckerberg said: “I don’t understand your question. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.”

Ever since then I have thought about this sentence again and again. I find it terrible. I know that it was certainly not meant that way. Behind this statement there is a state of mind and an image of humanity that is typically cultivated in totalitarian regimes – not in liberal societies. Such a statement could also have come from the head of East Germany’s Stasi or other secret police in service of a dictatorship. The essence of freedom is precisely the fact that I am not obliged to disclose everything that I am doing, that I have a right to confidentiality and, yes, even to secrets; that I am able to determine for myself what I wish to disclose about myself. The individual right to this is what makes a democracy. Only dictatorships want transparent citizens instead of a free press"

Evgeny Morozov more than 6 years ago


Depends what you mean by progress. Sometimes what is described as "disruption" is just removal of structures that were intended to protect the majority and the people who benefit are a select few at the top. I found this article on the "sharing economy" enlightening:

Joe more than 6 years ago

anti revolutuionary?

"In this "ecosystem", the violent disruption and destruction of old industries is the name of the game. Who can blame Europe's taxi drivers for getting their knickers in a twist over unregulated Uber. Who can blame the hotels – who actually employ thousands of people and pay taxes – for being aggressive towards competition from the massive black market for accommodation encouraged by Airbnb and co.?"

So in other words competition & progress is bad? When you go on holiday, do you prefer to stay in someone's flat and get a somewhat local experience rather than being stuck away in a monotone money making machine where nothing is happening? What happened to the sharing economy? Power to the people rather than to the big institutions above? Sure, Air BNB get a cut but the real winner here are people at a local level.

I maybe didnt understand what you meant here but feels like you're in support of old, rigid, expensive structures. An 'anti-revolutionary'?

Andreas more than 6 years ago

local winners?

every qm dedicated for lodging is one that is unavailable for living.

things could be worse. the silicon valley is fucking up SF pretty bad right now.

El Nombre more than 6 years ago

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