Seymour Gris: Tegel's gotta close!



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Big Thinking Mistake

Yea, let's just close Tegel and frak up Schönefeld and its inhabitants even more, right?!

Oh look, how clever we are! (NOT!)

(I actually wonder if you will you post my comment, as it doesn't mirror your opinion, right? :-) If you actually do, you can leave out this part.)

Max more than 3 years ago


"After all the money put into it, it has to open at some point."

Das ist ein Denkfehler. Einfach mal nach "versunkenen Kosten" bzw. "sunk costs" googlen. Die Kosten sind so oder so angefallen, daher - zumindest aus rein wirtschaftlicher Sicht - jetzt entscheidungsirrelevant (sollte sich z.B. eine alternative Lösung finden, die zukünftig bzw. ab jetzt günstiger ist).

German more than 3 years ago


Sorry, the 1.1 Million Euro is per day. Those are the DAILY costs for BER. Of course the Senate is trying to come up with lots of horror numbers for TXL (1 Billion). It's all bunk.

I didn't go into the legal arguments because BER will never open so everything else is moot. But even if it did open of course agreements and laws can be changed. They are not set in stone.

Endlos more than 3 years ago


What is your evidence that BER probably won't open? After all the money put into it, it has to open at some point.I don't see any of the three governments involved giving up on the project. Besides TXL and SXF are both at their breaking point. Should we just set up more shabby temporary container terminals in Schönefeld? There's no alternative to BER. the buildings are there, the runaways are there. They just need to sort out the building technology. It can't be THAT difficult!!!

Seymour more than 3 years ago

This is bunk

First of all. There is a very strong probability that BER will never open. And a threat to BER that you didn't cover was that a limit was set how much more money could be allocated before it would be considered unfair subsidies by EU standards and therefore no more money could be spent. Your comparing the BER money pit that's sucking more than 1.1 million Euro to a possible 1 Billion Euro renovation for TXL (that number seems inflated but it is Berlin after all). So in other words it's paid for in a little bit more that two years of the current costs just to keep BER running not what it actually cost to build BER. And for all those people whining about the poor people who live near Tegel. They moved there! Rent/Land was cheaper so they knew at the time what they were getting into. Anywhere you build an airport people will move there. I'm open for a new major International airport serving Berlin but it certainly won't be BER. When construction project of that magnitude goes wrong there is no fixing that.

And by the way there was a survey of startups in Berlin done recently about TXL and not surprisingly they all said keep it open. Startups could care less about TXL being converted to an office park with a couple of apartments. There are still plenty of spaces to build in Berlin that don't require closing down the only airport that actually deserves the name in Berlin.

As for air pollution. Why don't we ban the Diesels and move everyone to electric cars. That will have more of an effect than anything we do in Tegel (and it's not like Airplanes go clean in SXF or BER just because they land there).

Endlos more than 3 years ago


Has anyone calculated what the extra cost would be of keeping Tegel open next to BER, per Berlin inhabitant? I think that figure may be enough to make them think again.

Jeff more than 3 years ago


Apart from the €1 billion renovation costs mentioned above, are the many hundreds of millions of euros that would result from all sorts of lawsuits. Noise pollution protection measures would have to be installed in hundreds of thousands of homes, costing hundreds of millions. The transport link to Tegel would have to be improved..... the total cost is probably impossible to estimate.

Seymour more than 3 years ago

@Philip Ino

@ Philip Ino "middle of nowhere?" OK.

I didn't write "Everybody loves Tegel". I wrote "I love Tegel", gurl.

And: everyone does love Tegel.

Seymour Gris more than 3 years ago

Philip Ino

"Everybody loves Tegel"? LOL what?

That tiny, claustrophobic, hard to reach airport in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, I am sure Everybody loves it.

Check ya sources straight, gurl.

Philip Ino more than 3 years ago

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