Seymour Gris: Bureaucracy hackers



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wrong on so many levels

dont buy those appointments. those people are partially responsible for the lack of bookable appointments.

i find it disgusting and everything else than a smart entrepeneurs move. how about getting some bouncers and blocking the entrance to an emergency room? oh how clever...

there are people without the financial means to pay this that need those appointments to organise surviving the next month. these are free services that are tax funded for a reason. we live in a social society here and these sales are simply rock bottom undermining.

if you feel you need to start your life in berlin and a society founded on humanistic and social values in such a unresponsible unsocial and elitist way, save your money and leave.

btw. apparently as of today appointments are name bound and those sold ones might be considered invalid.

somi more than 5 years ago

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