Seymour Gris: The wrong kind of tourist at the Fox and Magpie




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Well said

Great piece - well said Seymour. Most establishments would kill for some free publicity like this. A case of being damned if you do and damned if you don't eh?

J more than 8 years ago

red in the face

"The wrong kind of establishment"? Where just anyone can come in? God forbid that your elitist living room "concept" is disturbed by outsiders. New flash: open community spaces don't tend to charge entrance fees. Oh yeah, and they tend to be open.

Don't pretend that having a club is a new artistic invention. Snobbery and hatred of outsiders is as old as clubs themselves.

the wrong kind of customer more than 8 years ago

you don't get it

...actually, you don't get it seymour. I know the owners, and what they're scared of is becoming the wrong kind of establishment. it is precisely the fact that they are NOT purely motivated by profit, but rather the desire to shape a particular kind of community spot which lead to their objections about the wrong kind of publicity....But you cynically preclude this possibility in order to write a snarky piece. I hope you pause to consider your mistake, and the possibility that your aggression towards them comes from a shame you bear due to your own cynicism. And take another trip to the place and ask the employees how they feel about it, and ask the artists how they feel about it. you might just go red in the face.

Roland more than 8 years ago

i get it

So what you're really asking for is a kickback...

Maybe these beleaguered club owners should use their funds to open up FAKE underground death-trap members-only spots to attract all the annoying British tourists, while the cool kids (who would never be caught DEAD flying easyjet) can swarm to even more hidden locations, perhaps in a Kaiser's dumpster with a secret door...

oho more than 8 years ago

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