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nicely made point, mister gris. so nice to read a variation of point of view from the self-loathing, ironic 'hipster' tourism columns in expat blogs. berlin could certainly stand to benefit from an equally less-biased view of it's volk – if not the very lifeblood, than certainly the attraction for a lot of industries actually paying people to live/party/drink/pierce/tattoo/rollinthedirt here – the variety of berlin's people remains the foundation of it's broad appeal. as i understood the wiki-history, berlin has always claimed exiles and ausländers in order to be the queen of the underdogs. long may it reign. zum glück berlin ist nicht deutschland (oder anderswo).

herr james more than 7 years ago

LIke wasps to Bionade...

Really. You Berliners hate tourists, the ones to whom you flock like wasps with your street bands, accordians, roses and obscure printed media, or simply with a cup in hand; the ones you hold open the geld-o-mat doors for, in whose wake you troll for the precious pfand; for whom you expand your flimsy floating bars into tourist empires without giving an iota of thought to the integrity of the music, relying instead upon that everpresent, über-generic Berlin mechanical droning groove that beckons tourists like honey on shit, whilst charging them drink prices that you yourselves would never pay in your local establishments; to whom you happily extend your apartments at opportunistic rates with no regard for the peace and security of your neighbors; the ones for whom you practically climb over each other to milk in one way or another, thus smiting any chance they might have of experiencing the 'real Berlin'... those tourists? Because I see a lot of love there.

Kevin more than 7 years ago



no borders more than 7 years ago

View from a French/American

This whole rant cracked me up so much and all the slight "shade" with regards to tourists, you admit their necessity but are super condescending demanding if there's enough space. At least you acknowledged Germans as big tourists because you then describe those who say Scheiß Touris getting on night train coming to my city Paris (btw my other home city is New York-so I know about torists), the most visited in the world..and drinking a coffee and a pain au chocolat in a café-ha ha! BTW very few Parisian cafés serve decent pain a chocolat-most French people don't even eat croissant/viennoserie at a café (most likely if you do eat it's toast and jam) you've just describe a very tourist experience in a rant on tourists. I love Berlin but sometimes guys-get over yourselves a bit-unique yes but the tourists are also the ones who helped make Berlin, the tourists even if they were just mainly intra-German/Northern Europeans and less stand out tourists in the 90s also are also the ones who helped make some of this unique Berlin you refer to it, no major city is fully organic in most of Europe, especially since the alleged end of the Cold War. Parisians also ask the same things about their city as do people through out the world. Berlin, I love you...but get over yourself.

Fleur more than 7 years ago

pain a chocolat

Dear Fleur, yes a decent tourist idea of French breakfast is impossible to find in Paris - you're lucky if you find a stale croissant to dip in your second-rate cafe au lait. But, yes, you're right, we need to get over ourselves, and accept that we are the tourists we hate.

Seymour Gris more than 7 years ago

Everyone loves holidays

but everyone hates tourists, it's probably human nature or something

Jacinta more than 7 years ago

only human

Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the Fü they serve food?

"Not yet."

Albert more than 7 years ago

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