Seymour Gris: Volkswagen and me



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How much?

So are you selling your Golf?

Bob more than 5 years ago

heavy blankets


my first car was a VW Rabbit that I got from my mom. I drove that thing until the wheels came off, as my son now says. What I would give to have it back! Just the style, the history, the panache. We drove it to NM from NY, then out to the low country and down to Baja. Somewhere along the way it fell under a voodoo curse and the only way I could shake it was to sell the thing to a couple of lesbians. Oh well. Just a car. Our children's children will NEVER believe that they were legal! All in all, a blind avenue in the history of the 20th Century. Heres to walking, more. Love, Sugar Plum Fairy

vitaminporter more than 5 years ago

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