Seymour Gris: Who cares about animals?



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everything all at once

the problem with people is, we try to make everything simple
life isn't simple
look how complicated a system is involved in just your eyes being able to read this! and that complicated system is tied in to, and reliant on, a billion other systems, from the absorbtion of oxygen in the blood that feeds your eyes, to the incredibly huge and complicated system that brings food into your body to make the energy you need to live. Stop to think about that system. It isn't just the vegetables growing in the ground and the farmer milking the cow, it's also the hugely complicated processes involved in making every part of every farm machinery, of building the infrastructures like roads and boats to get the produce to us, mining the ore needed to make the metal to put around your baked beans, and and and... I could go on, but I'd rather you take the time to really think about how complicated this world is.

Today I was reading about turmeric (Kurkuma) and it's ability in fighting forms of cancer. One commentor under the article had written "India - highest consumption of turmeric, highest rates of breast cancer. It obviously doesn't work" - DUMB! Life doesn't work like that! I'm sure living in a culture where women are likely to be gang raped is pretty stressful, and a stressed person is not efficient at fighting disease, and that's just one of many potential reasons for a high breast cancer rate.

We should eat far less meat. And pay more for it. That way the animals can be treated better, their bodies will be healthier, and we would benefit from that, just as it's better for us to eat fruit not covered in chemical.

We need to get out of this "2 euro 50 a day falafel diet" mindset and accept that food SHOULD be expensive if it's going to be good for us (which is what food should be)

Junk food is cheap because it's shit. A recent UCLA study showed that not only does it make us fat but it also makes us lazy. It's shit whichever way you look at it. Stop eating it.

Eat better. Chew more so that the food is broken down better and your body can absorb more of the nutrients. This will mean you can eat less. Eating less and well will work out financially the same as eating too much for a low price.

And really, food is more important than beer, cigarettes, drugs, iphones, automobiles, the latest fashions, jewellery, fixie bikes, frequent weekends away,and all the other crap we spend our money on.
Veganism isn't the answer - spending less on crap so that you can eat well is going to do a whole lot more for you, and the world.

It's going to take a whole human mindset change, not just one little thing like not eating meat or voting for a different political party, if we want human life to continue on this planet for generations to come

Dave more than 5 years ago

I used to somehow feel...

like a hypocrite for wanting to be vegetarian when I was pro-choice or for wanting to be veggie when there was so much human suffering in the world, you know? But then I read an essay by Maik Martschinowsky in Fruchtfleisch ist auch keine Lösung & I changed my mind, and then I read Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows and I just KNEW she was right about everything.

I do think it is very unsolidarisch for middle-class people to judge poor people for buying cheap Lidl chicken though. Like you know some middle-class people actually say "Oh, it's cheaper to eat bio because you throw less away! We spend next to nothing on food." I don't agree with that. But surely this can't be the right way, eating these animals who've spent their whole lives being tortured, whose whole lives were agony and pain and terror and all those Peta-y things? People always talk about the cavemen connection, but those wildebeests the cavemen were eating lived a nice, happy life in freedom and then just before they died they had this moment of terror. I'm not judging any poor people who go for cheap chicken. I just actually think non-free range chicken should be banned and poor people should get vouchers from the govt to shop in Bio-Ladens so their kids get healthy meat and the rest of us should try as hard as we possibly can to go as vegan as possibly possible.

Mad about Hitler, huh? Did he think animals were "better" than Jews or was it for health reasons? Anyone know? It's something I've just always heard said in internet debates about veganism

Jacinta Nandi more than 5 years ago

Environmentalism didn't arise from Capitalism.

Its roots are in proto-Fascism, such as the impurity-obsessesed German back-to-Earth movement of the late 19th century. Hitler's first followers were vegetarians (even though Hitler really wasn't) and yoga cultists. Most of the Manson Family members that have been released from prison are now working for environmental causes. Racism, Eugenics and environmentalism don't go hand-in-hand, of course, but share some of the same bloodline.

Mr. Cow more than 5 years ago

And Indeed

The main reason environmentalism IS (sort of slightly) flourishing in Western Europe is largely due to STATE SUBSIDIZATION.

Annie more than 5 years ago


21st century environmentalism seems to be flourishing most in those countries that the U.S. (most capitalist nation) sees as being "socialist" states.

Annie more than 5 years ago


"environmentalism grew out of capitalist societies – not because those societies had worse environmental records, but because the capitalist societies gave them the freedom to assemble, to demonstrate, to criticise and mobilise."

Capitalist societies have never GIVEN people rights any more than the USSR gave them to the people of its republics. People have FOUGHT and DIED to obtain such rights everywhere. However, because most people could barely find toilet paper and milk in the Eastern Bloc countries, grass roots political organization tended to rally around more immediate and pressing human needs while the beautiful people in America held their 1st Earth Day celebrations. Few people will mobilize around saving trees and making sure chickens live in comfort if they can't find shoes for their children. So it seems obvious that something like environmentalism would've arisen in societies where basic needs were already being met. Not one where the benevolent rulers (they don't exist) are happy to oblige the whims of the little people

Annie more than 5 years ago

The point, you missed it

"So it seems obvious that something like environmentalism would've arisen in societies where basic needs were already being met."

Umm, exactly. The basic needs of the people were met in capitalist societies, so those people were then "free" to think about, assemble, demonstrate, etc. Those in communist societies were not having their needs met, so they were not "free" to do all those things.

Also, socialism =/= communism

Isoperla more than 5 years ago


is the keyword I am objecting to, as is obvious from what I wrote. Capitalism has never GIVEN any one the right to assemble and demonstrate. no one has ever been free to do that in industrial society.

As for your other point about socialism not equaling communism: depending on who you ask that changes. the Bolshevik and Russian communist party were the heads of the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. The Nazi Party was a self-identified socialist party. And the majority of mainstream, contemporary Western European political parties with the word socialist in their names are more or less friendly to what is today considered a form of capitalism.

Annie more than 5 years ago

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