Seymour Gris: So over Berlin being so over



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So Berlin is ruined for the staff of Exberliner, basically?

Hypocrazy more than 7 years ago

Animosity towards tourists.

This article seems to be really geared towards a certain demographic, although, I am not sure that the fact that it is geared towards twenty somethings makes it any more acceptable or valuable as a critique. You would never tell a South American who immigrated to North America to "LEARN THE LANGUAGE, WILL YOU", or do something to contribute to the "culture" instead of just spending money on rent and working without ever participating in a DIY tea cozy class. It seems clear that the author of this article has a very fetishized and perhaps bordering on puritan view of what it means to "contribute to culture" and puts certain types of people on a pedestal. Maybe that same transient Breaking Bad watching Auslander just wants a break from their life back in the land of simpletons where they themselves are building the foundation of their "local culture" why some Richtig Berliner streams Germany's Next Top Model from their Macbook Pro while sitting in their overpriced loft in Williamsburg. Context changes everything and I think it would be helpful to not forget that.

Keep it Critical. more than 7 years ago


So angry? The world belongs to all of us to share :)

Patty more than 7 years ago

Is Berlin over like London/NYC/SF is over?

Are the poor being squeezed out in the way that they are out of London, New York and San Francisco? If so, where are they going (Leipzig? Dresden? Grim, economically depressed, neo-Nazi-infested backwaters out east?) Are the cheap-living laptop-DJs/experimental “artists” being replaced by a new wave of Ayn Rand-quoting, self-quantifying startup bros in expensive clothes?

acb more than 7 years ago

tell us what to do

You are very insightful. You should write a weekly advice column for white, english-speaking young people. You seem to know so very much about their situation and psychology for some reason. It seems you may spend - or have spent - a very large amount of your time in intimate communication with such people.

aaa more than 7 years ago

Lots of Ex-pats talk sh*t

Good article, and I agree completely.

One small thing, and sorry for being pedantic but it's 'couldn't care less'. To say 'could care less' indicates to care a bit. I should know, I was one of those expats 'who couldn't care less' what the vapid bullshit people were moaning about and got on with life ;)

Sav more than 7 years ago

It's "could care less"

It's called irony.

Teacher Reacher more than 7 years ago

Berlin "over"

I would hope so, while that means this lot and the "investors" on their tail would move on to Minsk, Kishinev, Sarajevo or Skopje. It's way cheaper and to be cool there. Farewell, then...

Atze more than 7 years ago


Love it. I drove through there on a family holiday in the 1980s. Now destined to become the new Berlin.

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago


When reading expat blogs or overhearing what people are talking about in "third wave coffee shops" (thanks for that term in particular), I d always feel like: ok, they're young and probably haven't figured out what to do with their lives, yet. I was the same when I was 22 years old and felt Ostgut (or whatever club) was the best place on the planet (Limelight was so over then). That's fine with me.

But then I also get the feeling: I never went to a place and didn't learn the language. Not in the US, not in Italy. And even when I left Sydney disappointed in parts, I didn't write a blog about how sexist/homophobic/racist/hypocritical/50s Australia appeared to me, but indeed I tried to figure out on why this place wasn't for me. And I did take a personal lesson from it, because I realized it was ME who wasn't fitting in there. I believe that's when growth happens.

Just my two cents, and welcome to Berlin - if you're not just here to play.

Robert from Berlin more than 7 years ago


Berlin is far from being ruined !

HALLO more than 7 years ago

this website

i mean, exberliner hasn't been the same since 2002.

herr james more than 7 years ago


Great article, totally agree. This focus on really unimportant bullshit also keeps anyone who moves here from trying to change more substantial problems. Why focus on racism when you can bitch about how there are two many British touris in nightclubs? As long as we think we can't engage with the city on deep level as foreigners, the longer it stays true.

*But* Breaking Bad is still awesome. I mean, I speak some German but Breaking Bad is still way better than anything on German TV. :)

t more than 7 years ago

Ex-berliner ruined Berlin

You feel guilty,

Henni more than 7 years ago

Couldn't care less*

Andy more than 7 years ago



a/d more than 7 years ago


Would buy again.

Marcel more than 7 years ago


Just yes.

Bec more than 7 years ago

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