Jacob Sweetman: Stand by your Man(nschaft)



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Steve Bull

I'd never thought I'd see Bully namechecked in an Union article, but the day has come. Ironically just as a distant relative of his (complete with a just as incomprehensible yim yam accent) is just fitting a new central heating system for me as we speak...

Tucker Chump more than 10 years ago


This time it's hard do decide which sentence i liked better.

The "...and the formation switched to (what could be described as) "just... get.... at.... them...." the tide turned." or the part "When the fans sing "Unser Mannschaft, Unser Stoltz" things are the wrong way around. The pride of Köpenick is in the fans and not necessarily always the Mannschaft."

Thinking about it three times and more often, probably the first one quoted.

It was again aa pleasure readign you.

Bunki (alias bunkinho) more than 10 years ago

Schnee in der AF

Ich kann mich da nur wiederholen!
Ich bin einfach stoltz auf euch.
@Fairnss nicht schlecht!

ExilerFranky more than 10 years ago


And you should also add that among the shoveling mob there were also 15 supporters of hertha who wanted to prepare the away stand for their friends from Baden.

more than 10 years ago

Two Times

Great post, but you forget that we did it two times. On sunday as you mentioned and a second time on monday morning 'cause of snow came down on Sunday afternoon again. Never forget EISERN UNION

Michael more than 10 years ago

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