Jacob Sweetman: Supporting the referees



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Exactly. there s very little that can be done to make the ref's lives easier. lets be honest too, we've all made scapegoats of them, and it can even be part of the fun to have a comedy villain, but somewhere the poor bastards need a little bit of sympathy.

sweetman more than 9 years ago


plays a huge role in all of this. Have you seen a goal recently where the repeats were not started with a look on whether it might possibly have been an offside? Every time the ref blows the whistle, TV commentators question his decision - was he correct or wasn't he (or she). That has got to stop and it would be a big step forward.
P.S. More people watching soccer IN the stadium would also help. From where we're standing, most of the time we can't see whether the ref was correct, honestly.

Änne more than 9 years ago

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