Jacob Sweetman: That joke isn't funny anymore



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This is BFC Dynamo


michel houellebeck more than 10 years ago

Not too shabby

an article. one can still feel a certain amount of resentment/suspicion towards the Rekordmeister shining through but, in the words of David O´Leary (then talking about his "babies"): " it´s a learning curve." ;)

Sorry to hear that you got pestered by one of the right-wing dimwits that still attach themselves to the club. It´s a shame. However, they are (opposite to Gerd´s claims) a minority, albeit a very vocal/ annoying one.

Btw, I know the lads who fly the "Smiths banner" (and yes, it´s a quote, and they do like their Mozzer a lot), and one of them is indeed what could be called a poet (he published 3 books).


PS: Didn´t you want to give me a bell?
PPS: Are you going to be at the Exberliner do tomorrow?

berlinwhite more than 10 years ago

BFC Dynamo // 2011 Berlin champion

1. You forget to mention the prominent Turkish BFCers: Karaduman, Ahmetcik, and the crowd's favourite last year, Brazilian "Emma" Emerson Silva dos Santos. Can you imagene how frustrating it is for a club to be constantly labelled "right wing"/"racist" but otherwise not being metioned at all in newspapers such as "taz" or even West Berlin yellow press "BZ"?

2. Try the Antifa shirt in other big football stadiums.

3.I would assume someone wearing that shirt to be Tennisborussia fan who are (have been) a loval rival. May explain any insult as well.

4. Other than modern Tennisborussia for instance BFC is not an elitist left-wing club, but has a broader appeal. That may include some working class folks. (These) Football fans are as good or as bad as other (ordinary) people.

5. Can you imagine that BFC, the football club most papers don't really write about other than stupid stereotypes (well, now they have to to some extent) has become somewhat an underground phenomenon? I can.

6. Please contact me for BFC writers/poets

Bach more than 10 years ago

Great stuff

Lovely piece, Jake. Gotta agree with Gerd though, the benefit of the doubt here is so big that it could be social benefit in bankrupt Ireland. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the Pokal in August - wonder if the FCK fans will take as kindly to having their choice of clothing insulted...

Stephen more than 10 years ago

Women WM

When's the Frauen-WM starting? Can you get us tickets Jacob? I tried mailing you but I don't got yr current e-mail address. I am planning on doing a feminist experiment on Rico by just pretending the women's footie is as important as the men's, it seems to be working, let's go watch a game together

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

Great stuff

as always Jacob, but you are being too generous. Maybe you have to, but BFC are not casual racists, it is more ingrained than that.

Gerd more than 10 years ago

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