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You can't laugh about rape

Laughing about rape? Have rape fantasies? You're sick and disgusting, Jacinta, and Exberliner must be a really shit publication to allow this article to go through.

Laughing about rape? Have rape fantasies? You're sick and disgusting, Jacinta, and Exberliner must be a really shit publication to allow this article to go through.

I know someone who was raped by her friend in her 20s. She had her ribs crushed, almost lost an eye, has scars on her back, has huge anxiety problems and flashbacks, has to breathe with a portable ventilator for the rest of her life because she can’t breathe on her own. He broke her arm as well. Does this make you horny, Jacinta? After all, you have rape fantasies.

I’m sure this comment will be deleted, because you don’t want to face the truth. “Comments that are abusive will be deleted” - but why aren’t articles like yours deleted?

Simon 361 days ago

i'd really rather not

think about jimmy carr *shudders*. yeah, you sorta have to call it out, but what worries me is the way it snowballs into a sort of publicity machine in the end, that totally almost justifies them in the public eye, just by the sheer hysteria of (some of) their opponents' arguments.

herr james more than 6 years ago


Yeah but we shouldn't be acting like women being hysterical or angry about or frightened of rape is an invalid response. Also a less valid response than laughter or indifference. Or we have to, like, acknowledge how much of that validity is to do with power. Don't you think?

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

heterosexuality isn't normal,

it's just common - to paraphrase oscar wilde. which highlights my stance on this issue. i do believe that taboo subjects should be able to be mentioned and discussed, but not so frequently that they becomes normalised or accepted as standard behaviour.

having come from a long line of 'gallows humour' folk, i understand the human reaction of laughing about morbid, messed up issues to help us cope. but we have to look at the status quo and it is pretty messy. i blame sport, war and capitalism. any situation that excuses immoral abhorrent behaviour as 'necessary in the spirit of competition'.

i massively respect the male, female and trans victims of rape that put up a tough exterior and get on with it – like say, every female survivor of WWII left in berlin. (when people make nazi jokes or go "sshh, don't mention the war" while nudging and winking at their expat mates, do they realise exactly that this city was rebuilt, not just by survivors of war, but also rape?) rape is a crime of power, and i think we must be mindful of how we respond to the act and it's misrepresentation in the entertainment industry to avoid further misdirection of that power.

to get back on topic, i'm not advocating silence, but rather denying these "comedians" the attention they're trying to earn themselves by deliberately being shocking. like that french idiot with his "free speech" salut, screwing over france european people in an attempt to boost his career with controversy. i'd like to say no-one will remember his name in a few years, but in the current climate, he could be the next archduke of austria-erste.

so, rather than generating sales or fame for these losers by exasperating ourselves with an 'arguing with the toddler' mindset (eg robin thicke / miley cyrus) we gotta try to lead by example and focus our kids/media/internet clicks' attention on leaders of thought, not the losers. it would be great to see media and police resources minimising attention on the 'jokers' and actually dedicating serious efforts to following up on the successful persecution of perpetrators. might change the public perception on how 'funny' the outcome of rape is for rapists.

herr james more than 6 years ago


I agree with you that they're only doing it for attention so you are playing right into their hands but when people say nothing they just think everyone finds this hilarious and keep on making them and making them and making them. Think of Jimmy Carr, he's on national television in UK now every night of the week. So you literally cannot win.

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

Shit jokes

Not quite relevant, but I really like this in Sibylle Berg's new column - political correctness can't be all bad, because at least it forces shit comedians to think of new jokes:

"Die beiden Kulturschaffenden, die ich nicht verlinke, weil sie für acht Millionen anderer stehen, regen sich noch ein wenig über die politische Korrektheit der Deutschen auf, gegen die man extra anhumorieren muss, und mir schlafen die Knie ein vor Langerweile. Randgruppenwitze, Ausländerwitze, Judenwitze, geiles Zeug. Politische Korrektheit impliziert immer etwas Biederes, riecht nach Stuttgart 21, aber sie hilft, damit nicht irgendwelche Flachpfeifen seit Jahrhunderten die gleichen öden Gags machen, und damit der Mensch sich fragt, warum er welche Worte benutzt. So verkehrt kann das nicht sein."

Ben Knight more than 6 years ago

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