Seymour Gris: The 2018 club death



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berlin is dead long ago. the funny thing about it is that besides what they are killing now since a decade and more , berlin has ZERO absolutely ZERO else to offer.

fluchtling more than 2 years ago

Not that!

In Australia, the answer would be poker machines. I don't recommend it.

Richard Ure more than 2 years ago

Bassy Closing

Why do i read in an english blog about it? Bassy closing should be a topic in berlin newspapers like "Tagesspiegel" etc. Also they should speak with responsible people of the "Bezirk Mitte". I hope they get in contact with the media and the politics.

Bassy is an unique club in Berlin. If another electronic club closes is sad but closing a club with live bands and specialised on 60/70s is definitely a big loss.

Maybe they can also start a petition from all the bands that were playing there too.

Mario more than 2 years ago


does it really count as charity to give your money to organisations named after yourself?

"Berggruen has committed to give the majority of his wealth through the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust. Berggruen has endowed the Berggruen Institute with $500 Million to further the activities and broaden its global reach."

Rich twat

Theo Van Schopes more than 2 years ago

Berlin is DONE

I am so sorry to hear that,fucking Berlin is giving up to everything,but very soon Berlin it self ll see the mistake made,because ppl will use interest on coming here.

dario more than 2 years ago

€30,000 in unpaid GEMA fees

Wäre mal interessant zu erfahren, wie diese Summe zustande kam.
Ich nehme an, es wurde nie oder seit langer Zeit nicht bezahlt.
Das ist dann eben wie mit Steuern oder der Miete: Wer nicht zahlt muss irgendwann auch die Konsequenzen tragen.

Berlin Musikus more than 2 years ago


Shame about the Bassy, though

Berlin Musikus more than 2 years ago


Das würde mich auch interessieren!

FightTheFakeNews more than 2 years ago


Das ist ungefähr zu vergleichen mit Steuern oder Miete ... die man an die Mafia zahlt. Und wenn Du nicht zahlst ist vorbei mit Deinem Laden, in letzter Konsequenz.

Ein Clubbesitzer more than 2 years ago

Bassy mariachi

Hier sind sie und irgendwie passt es zum Artikel

Steve more than 2 years ago


The first „Band“ ever played in the Bassy, was a mexican mariachi band. One of the guys playes now trumpet for the „Hoss Boss“ 😜

Steve more than 2 years ago


Hey Steve, it's "Boss Hoss" ✌️ anyway, it's a shame what happens with Berlin!
✊ Fight the Power!!!!

Markus more than 2 years ago

Hoss Boss

Boss Hoss "grewed up" at the Bassy, after their success they played at the Bassy under the name Hoss Boss. Insider, u know 😎

Steve more than 2 years ago

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