Seymour Gris: Airport madness – BER will be too small



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Excellent article!

thanks for posting it.
I truly agree that fast trains would be a very good idea. And I hope too that a new mayor will be not a strange man, who learns just one month before the scheduled opening of new int. airport that it's is not ready, and won't be ready in at least one more year.....this is soooo strange to me that neither of the mayors in Berlin and Brand-g lost their jobs IMMEDIATELY when the public last spring was told that the airport is not ready .....

M.H. more than 9 years ago


I think we've become way to relaxed in our aeroplane usage
I just flew to Milan to do three hours work (though I combined the trip with spending a few days with good friends to try and feel less disgusted with myself)
I think banning flying within Germany is a good idea. Nothing is so important that you need to save an hour by flying rather than taking the train. And NO "business" of any kind is more important. Really, it's time to start putting the health of the countries eco-system ahead of making money. kill the environment and you'll kill off your customers too!

as for the London commuter - "why should we not work in London"? Because you have to pour pollution over the planet to do so! why don't you just live in London if flying is such a hassle?

any idea what they plan to do with Tegel? since they don't think they can build at Templehof as the runways are too thick and strong to destroy, it doesn't seem to leave many options for land usage

dave the Chimp more than 9 years ago

They should

make the godforsaken new castle into an extra runway. SChloss International Terminal has a very fitting acronym too.

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


why should we not work in london? if there were jobs in berlin to suffice , people like myself would actually enjoy not flying to another country to work every month!

cc more than 9 years ago

airport vision

Excellent post!! Way to go!

CF more than 9 years ago


Someone please make sure Wowereit reads this.

Maria more than 9 years ago

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