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I like your writing!

more than 11 years ago

best thing

Well I enjoyed that little rant! The sign in the photo-does it light up at night and would it be available for the domestic consumer?-I'd quite like one on my new kitchen roof, but with the ability to change the last bit according to mood -if it wasn't for apathy, I'd set up an import company - huge potential!

amok's old teacher more than 11 years ago


What about not shitting on anyone and still having a good time? I think it's the English who don't have any humor.

Karen more than 11 years ago

Don't be so negative!

We could just shit on the Americans instead!

Jacinta more than 11 years ago

If you got rid of German-bashing,

the entire English-language comedy scene would die for lack of material.

worriedaboutcomedy more than 11 years ago


You shouldn't be letting your kids roam round the fucking internet on their own anyway. There's sharking videos out there and all sorts

Judy more than 11 years ago

I wish UK had german theatre

your boyfriend is not cleverer than you. Obsessive culturalising is top of the list on how to spot someone less clever than you, I've found. but that's beside the point.

That American girl sounds worse than your boyfriend. Keep the theatre (tits, sexy boys) drop the casual conversations with annoying people.

Amy more than 11 years ago

Dirty Dancing

I'm not that clever. Bela Tarr's Sátántangó is a work of genius.

Clever Boyfriend more than 11 years ago


'Religion was once the opium of the masses, but now German-bashing is the miaow miaow of the ex-pats.'


I almost lived in the street in the picture by the way, but it fell through due to a disagreement about moving boxes.

Happy Birthday again by the way. Sorry I didn't make it - complete burn out.

JHarris more than 11 years ago

clever boyfriend

Very funny stuff. Your clever boyfriend once made me watch a one-man piece about a famous German child molester. He had a child-sized doll on his little stage which he would felate and hit and stuff. Although to be fair to Clever Boyfriend, he is appearing in Ladies Night soon, which is in my opinion the best play I've ever seen and not at all "clever".

kaesetorte more than 11 years ago


"You ain't seen nothing yet, people." does that elude to depressions on the horizon?

farrfoto more than 11 years ago


Is this the EXBERLINER english language magazine website?? What is with the 13 totally english swear words that repeat themselves throughtout this blog. Great indicator of where we expats are at. Although I would like them to, my kids shouldn't read this website... they will have yet another media influence telling them that f**k is one of the more important words in the english language. Rather pathetic isn't it?

Lisa more than 11 years ago

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