John Riceburg: The end of men?



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My problem

was with the last part?

caite more than 6 years ago

No downfall of my gender

I hope that everything else I wrote made clear that I don't think ending sexual violence and all forms of discrimination against women implies the downfall of the male gender, castration or anything similar. It was intended as an ironic reference to the whole "End of Men" thesis, which I don't agree with. I'm sorry if that didn't come across right. For the record: I think men have all kinds of privileges and I agree it would be good for everyone in society to get rid of gender inequality!

John Riceburg more than 6 years ago

I wish...

more women put up shelves. And fought wars, and did coal mining and worked on oil rigs and went to prison and got killed and died of gang violence and heart disease and alcoholism and lived on the street. And all the other SHIT men have to put up with.

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago


My. Heart. Is. Literally. Bleeding.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

No comment

on that 'what about teh menz' rubbish.

But John, yes, sorry I was sort of directing my critic at that whole rhetoric, not specifically at your article, which I recognise IS supposed to be ironic. But the point about your girlfriend earning more than you is a bit of a dodgy Aufhänger, you know.

caite more than 6 years ago

Awkward timing

With 'what about teh menz' rubbish, I was of course refering to Maurice's comment. Not Jacinta's objection to it, which appeared at the same time as mine.

Actually I like Maurice, because he supports my argument. There is yet another man, proving that he misses the point of feminism.

caite more than 6 years ago

Read to the fourth paragraph?

I can't avoid the feeling that people aren't reading past the first three paragraphs... My point is that there is no "End of Men" and that women are subject to many forms of discrimination (lower wages, house work, beauty standards, sexual violence etc.). Which is why I'm going to the demonstration tomorrow. I don't see a lot of white male privilege here.

John Riceburg more than 6 years ago

Isn't it a bit bullshit

to think of the struggle for women's rights as inevitably resulting in the downfall of men?
Reminds me of that horrid French movie, where the guy gets gang-raped and blames it on the 'fucking feminist society'. Men are so worried about being put in a subordinate position, even if they are supportive of women, that somehow they fail to understand that feminism is actually not about chopping their dicks off (thanks Jacinta). They completely miss the point that feminism is an emancipatory project that aims to get rid of sex-based discrimination and bring about to the democratization of gender relations. Sprich: good for men, too.

caite more than 6 years ago

I am so sick

of articles or discussions about sexism that mention how many couples in their Freundeskreis the woman earns more than the man. Anyone who can live in this world, in a world where women earn so little fucking money, SO LITTLE fucking money compared to men, where they are attacked, where women are raped and beaten and murdered and men get off and bookmakers are betting on just how much they're gonna get off on and they cry white man's tears coz they know six couples where the man earns more than the woman does.....well, insert your own penis removal joke here.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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