Jacob Sweetman: The end of the World (Cup)



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Don't knock the octopus. He's earnt more than all of us put together. And deservedly so.

Pyschic Paul is my GOD more than 11 years ago


and you back it up with THAT link? As i said in the piece they spent too much time pissing around, but Spain were clearly miles ahead of the dutch. And, yes, they are evn better at diving. I suggest you pay more attention...

sweetman more than 11 years ago


Spain were hardly an over-rated team, they were simply the most superior 'football' team at the finals. The final wasn't a particularly pretty game to watch, but the correct team won the trophy after the negativity of Holland's play... & tactics.

Zsa Zsa more than 11 years ago


One of the good guys? Crap. Spain are the most overrated team in history. Period. http://www.modestopress.com/andres-iniesta-biggest-divingflopping-soccer-player-in-2010-world-cup-finals/927/

vanderBommel more than 11 years ago

The French

And what is wrong with taking glee in the french going home "just beacause theyre french"? I laughed and laughed

Pierre more than 11 years ago

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