Seymour Gris: The Greens' new bugbear, the "tourist"



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Kreuzberg Greens

I was born in Berlin but for the most part live in Toronto Canada. I'm glad the Greens are making it harder to just plant yourself somewhere and think you can bring your shitty habits with you. Be very careful what you wish for, because all that multi-culti singing of Kumbaya is a crock . Here in Toronto multi-culturalism is pushed constantly because Canada needs a big tax base to pay for the ridiculous expanses of highways that connect the small towns in this huge for the most part unihabitable country. Everyone wants to come to Toronto, but for the most part the Chinese ( which make up most of the immigrants) live with the Chinese ( unless they run a Fruit +Veg) in your area. The other refugees or asylum seekers live in the "ARTY" neighbourhoods because they're cheap. They don't relate to anyone and stick to themselves until they can make enough money to live in their own districts. Multi-culturalism is tolerated. Unless foreigners have something to offer their host country in the way of Intellegence, Skill, or contributing money, what's the point? Berlin is still Party Central right now and you'll get a lot of idiots who will hopefully run out of money really soon and then go back home to Mom and Dad.

Kat Citroen more than 10 years ago

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