Jacob Sweetman: Liga of the Pack




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Sorry, looks like hes gone, Ill keep you posted if the new boss is any kop...

sweetman more than 11 years ago

raffish Iranian

A raffish old Iranian sounds just up my street. Does he have a phone number?

madolewoman more than 11 years ago


who relly cares about some 7th leage pussy sport anyway? your boring. In the states soccer is only posh gays and womans games. real men play football.

Hartattack more than 11 years ago

Wedding wanking.....

"While all this was going on the Türkiyem' media guy sat behind, looking on like a man at his own wedding, whose uncle has just decided to tell everyone the story of how he once put out a fire by wanking all over it."

Best line ever.

Tommy Lassoo more than 11 years ago

which color pants?

I'd like to know which colored pants players do wear. Is there fifa rules about political messages on your underwear?
Great blog and pretty funny too, keep it up.

Davor Suker more than 11 years ago

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