Jacob Sweetman: The mothership connection



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@Jacob: Yes, that makes perfect sense. And I didn't say that you are not right with Karl massively contributing to the attacking game this season, rather I meant that there are much more factors contributing to the increased performance, but he is definitely one major factor.

FEK_Stimme more than 9 years ago


Simon, cheers Stimme, i'm glad you enjoy my ramblings. @simon you are right about him being left alone up front at times, but im not sure it was quite that often, certainly at home. Actually though i think that last years intention was to have Kolk playing a much more creative role further forward, which didnt work for various reasons (half of which were injuries), and so having a creative player further back has changed the whole attacking outlook. It gives a better base from which to attack. if that makes any sense.

sweetman more than 9 years ago

Attacking play...

Jacob, thanks for another great article.

I absolutely agree that Markus Karl is a fantastic player, but I am not quite sure, if you maybe give him a bit too much credit by saying that "HE radically altered Unions attacking play". I rather see him as one piece of the puzzle. Last season he would not have been able to play these passes to Mosquera, simply because Mossi was often the only striker - standing with his back towards the goal, not being able to use his speed. Therefore the brilliant passes wouldn't helped to speed up the attacking game at all. That certainly improved this season with two strikers up front and very fast and dangerous wingers, such as Quiring.

I guess you are right, that he is a really good player and based on his skills, he stabilises the defense, while also being able to switch into attacking mode within a blink of an eye. However, the whole system changed and UN now lets the team play, so that everyone can use their individual strengths.

But, really like the part about the plain black boots – good observation. It is actually harder to find a pair of plain black boots, than any fancy coloured ones. I really appreciate every player who puts in the effort to wear shoes that won't blind the opposite side with ugly bright colours ;)


FEK_Stimme more than 9 years ago


Thx for that story again!

simon more than 9 years ago

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