Seymour Gris: Cops under attack... and us, too!



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Acceptance of previous post

Nice ;-)

Guido Hatzis more than 11 years ago

I REALLY want to give LearBerlin a sensual ball-rub that how you like it? Mmmmm...lower? There we go, how's that? Mmmm...your balls are like little chestnuts with hairs...Mmmmm...

Guido Hatzis more than 11 years ago

Bonkers threat

I think Lear must be German...

Marco more than 11 years ago

Holy Shit!

...I didn't realize wikipedia is being written by reactionary nutjobs. Are you threatening to bomb anyone who dares to edit your precious entries too?

mobsen more than 11 years ago

You missed the point entirely

What the hell are you talking about, Lear?

Gris in no way defends the use of the bomb and states quite clearly that no one is or would defend the use of such violence. What is being expressed here is a bit of context and the ridiculousness of saying that just because violence was used against the police, nothing critical, chiding or disparaging about the police.

Seems to me that your opinion of the entire situation is "You're either with us, or with the terrorists."

"A potential threat to the security of Berlin"? Get a grip, Lear. Examining many sides of a complex issue hardly constitutes a security threat, it's one of the things that DOES keep us secure. The way you write is incredibly frightening for someone who is presenting Berlin to the rest of the world.

Walter more than 11 years ago

ExBerliner defends terror

Up to know, I perceived the ExBerliner as a refreshing and creative actor in Berlin´s publishing scene.

This changed with the current issue and the comment of Seymour Gris. Gris defends, explains, justifies or simply understands a bomb terror act which has not happened in a unified, liberal Berlin since 1990.

It is this ideology which prepares or tolerates further criminal behaviour.

From this issue on the ExBerliner is a perpetrator of
anarcho terror in the city and a potential threat to the security of Berlin.

Lear is the main author of Berlin, Germany, and the European Union at Wikipedia

LearBerlin more than 11 years ago

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