Jacob Sweetman: The ring cycle




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Dear Hart Attack

I'm assuming that you were taking part in some sort of eighties feelgood film inspired therapy session a few weeks ago when you wrote this, your doctors mistakenly believing that if you were placed with enough other mentally deficient people in the same place at the same time, you might either all be cured or at least some hilarious high jinks would occur. Unfortunately it seems to have backfired and you are now labouring under the illusion that wrestling is a sport, which by its very nature cannot have a predetermined winner. Please let me help you out here, you are not watching sport, you are watching a pantomime.

p.s. I have spoken to your doctors and asked that your internet priveleges be taken away until you agree to take your medication and stop this delusional behaviour.

Kidshine more than 11 years ago

RE: Hart Attack

Your spelling is diabolical, or should that be diabolique.... I thought the author summed up the whole idea of wrestling perfectly.

It's certainly not a sport, it's entertainment. Idiots can also be very entertaining.

DustyRoad more than 11 years ago


Fuck off back to France???? I don't get it. Do the French hate wrestling as a national trait? Is it because Sarkosy is tiny, and therefore would be easily sat upon by The Ultimate Warrior?

Tommy Lassoo more than 11 years ago

@ hart attack

thanks for your considered comments and suggestion. I have heard Paris is beautiful in the springtime.

sweetman more than 11 years ago

@ idiot

is he even french?

wrestling fan more than 11 years ago


if you wernt going to like it why did you go? Wrestling is a sport and pleeses millions of people acros the world. wrestling doesnt need people lik you. fuck off back to france. twat.

hart attack more than 11 years ago

now yer talking

monster trucks!!!! A much better class of clientele too no doubt. Maybe that'll help me get over the disappointment of missing the ice speedway world champs. Any suggestions are always welcome too...

sweetman more than 11 years ago


trying to get a pic out of them, but its a bit blood from stone.... I think that actually a lot of the punters come from miles around, certainly the older ones who should know better. Then a million kids with baggy black clothes and bored looking parents mostly...

sweetman more than 11 years ago

Send us a pic

Which Germans go for this stuff? Where do they live? Not in Berlin-Mitte, I presume. If you hear of any monster truck shows, count me in.

Heiner more than 11 years ago

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