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Dear translator, thanks for commenting! I hope it's clear I was mainly making a rhetorical point, as those on the balcony could probably see the titles perfectly fine, and aside from those two small instances i mentioned the translations were timed and translated perfectly (as they were in Testament and Biberpelz, where the translation must have been much trickier).
So thank you, thank you for doing a difficult job well, and thank you for opening up the powerful world of German theatre.

Florian Duijsens more than 10 years ago

The surtitles

Dear Florian
I quite agree that the booing was out of order. It was a fine piece of theatre, with tempo, humour and great timing. As far as the surtitling is concerned, I'm glad you brought this up because as part of the team responsible for the surtitling, I can enlighten you about my job. During the Theatertreffen, we are faced with a complex series of tasks (that has to be done usually within a very short period of time) including spotting the texts to fit the action on stage, research and adjustment of the original translation of the play to fit the current production. The theatre management decides where the surtitles will be projected and we have no influence. Using DVDs of the group's performance, we bring the whole thing together and get one run through with the actors before the performance. In the time between rehearsal and our translation, often actions/improvised scenes have taken on new meaning or have been cut. This leads to some of the problems you mentioned. But if you only found two slides with anachronistic or slightly odd translations, we are doing our job very well! Of course our aim is to get it 100% right: For that, we'd need a little more cooperation from dramaturgs, for example, in the research of their sources for texts, or more rehearsal time. But surtitling is an ongoing process and an art where adjustments and improvements have to be made after each performance.

translator more than 10 years ago

bohemian paradise lost

Actors were really working their arses off! A fresh, raw take on the classic. aside from the trope-ish ending). The kind of show that reminds us why we go to theatre.

dmachine more than 10 years ago

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