Walter Crasshole: CSD's storm in a Sekt glass




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all about the money

Well the annoying thing is not the new name, since it refers to same historical events, but rather the real reasons for the change: That they have copyrighted the name Stonewall in Germany and therefore hoping to better cash in on the brand. Viva La Kapitalismus!

Nikolaj more than 5 years ago

The name game

Yeah, actually my point was a bit that it's very un-subtle approaches of getting more out CSD without any real changes. That these controversies would be stupid if the whole thing weren't so boring. Money or not, I think the name should look to Berlin's own histories - if they must capitalize, which they surely do, make it something meaningful to Berlin instead of the globalized notion that we all come from the same experiences or someone else's experiences have higher values than the ones here. And I'm writing this as an Ausländer. :P

Walter Crasshole more than 5 years ago

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