John Riceburg: Was the Mall of Berlin designed by Adolf Hitler?



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If the "Mall of Berlin" looks like Hitler´s Reichskanzlei ...

you better close your eyes walking through the built up Berlin after 1990 because this is just the type of architecture everywhere else has been erected since these days. Then touch the fassades and see that it´s just the opposite of what was build before 1945. They look massive but they´re just hollow behind materials. I dont´t like the Mall either but for different reasons as you can read an article on my blog but I´m sure to compare the Mall with what had existed opposite Voßstraße during Nazi Era is just wrong.

André Franke more than 6 years ago

Shopping Mall (Zombie) Nazi Movie

The only thing on this page is the random set of tags at the end of the bullshit: shopping mall nazis. Please someone make a movie of this (maybe add some zombies), so next time the author has too much time to waste he can watch that instead of writing.

shopping mall nazis more than 6 years ago

what a bunch of...

what a bunch of rubbish to write, are you running out of ideas? Instead of writing about the actual issues you make a pointless comparison with a mass murder.

dericali more than 6 years ago

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