John Riceburg: We don't need kings in Madrid or Berlin!



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John Riceburg does'nt know sh*t

John Riceburg should look up some Spanish history before rushing to print. Nothing too taxing, some basic Wiki articles would suffice.
And if he really believes that the regime which 'Palast der Republik' represented is 'real democracy now' as opposed to the '[Spanish] regime of 1978 which has been challenged by millions of young people occupying plazas' (where did he get this?), I really don't know why he immigrated to Germany and not North Korea.

Andrew more than 6 years ago

Read Wikipedia yourself

I don't see how I referred to East Berlin's "Palace of the Republic" representing "real democracy now".

As for the Spanish regime of 1978 being challenged by million's of young people, consult Wikipedia:

The youth of the Spanish State are who demanded "real democracy now" starting on May 15, 2011.

Any other Wikipedia reading you would recommend?

John Riceburg more than 6 years ago

come on..

Monarchy can be fun sometimes:

t more than 6 years ago

You're right!

You're right! The daughter of Juan Carlos is named Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca. I must have been thinking of Ferdinand and Isabela.

However, the correct English spelling of the "Casa de Borbón" is "House of Bourbon" ( The house originated in France and thus the spelling. And it is indirectly connected to Bourbon whiskey (

John Riceburg more than 6 years ago

John Riceburg: We don't need kings in Madrid or Berlin! - See more at:

Please, if you write an article, and you want to be serious, I would kindly ask you to use the correct names of the main characters of your article. It is a pity, because it gives a bad image of your professionality.
The daughter charged with corruption is called Infanta Cristina. And the king's house, is called House of Borbón (nothing to do with Bourbon, whiskey)
Just to clarify: I am not for the Spanish monarchy, but I am for rigorous information. Thank you.

diana more than 6 years ago

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