Wladek Flakin: What would a world without bosses be like?




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Well, this ignores a 21st century work where robots are being placed in all factories. There will soon be no workers to control the factories.

The above example doesn't represent a majority of places, so good luck to them, I hope they are reading books written after 1920, because they are going to have act as if it is today, 2016. Export opportunities for products that are not made by robots possibly etc.
Do any of them have SEO experience, or do they just make tiles like its 1936?

It could also be that these guys are collectively not assholes, but a lot of working-class people are, and it is showing lately all over the world.

"Because Zanon is an example that society can be run in a fundamentally different way."
Again, it just isn't 1920. Worker-controlled or not, other factories will get more of the market because they live in a 2016 world. Again, good luck to them.

Eric Vigo more than 4 years ago

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