Jacob Sweetman: When the racers can't even race




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... Shane and Mr. To Joy, Firstly@ Shane: As a fan of the sport though do you watch it supporting a team or a man? Part of the problem I have wiith formula 1 lies in the lack of personality involved. I simply cannot imagine cheering on engineers instead of wanting racers to win. maybe this misses the point entirely, but I like a selfish, winning, bastard in sport . For soome people it is impossible to turn it on and off, for better or worse.

And@Ode to joy: I tried Badger baiting, but I went off it when I found out they are all wearing cast off Notts County kits.

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

The horror!

Since the only people I've ever met who actually liked formula one were ghastly beyond all imagining it seems apt that the game is run by affectless vampires intent on draining the last drops of joy from the world to keep their soulless carcasses in champagne for another day.

Maybe you should try something which requires you to be less utterly lacking in even the most basic dregs of human decency. Dog fighting or badger baiting for example.

Ode to joy more than 8 years ago

Not so fast...

Its all well and good if Vettel says "screw your team orders, Im racing this one out" but you cant accept team orders and then break them.

If he says he wants to race it out then beats Mark then thats fine, but you cant have one guy thinking he just needs to do the right thing and conserve the car and finish out the remaining laps only to have the other guy suddenly fly by him.

The very important thing to remember is all the times Mark has been told to just maintain his position and hold off other teams to leave Vettel unchallenged out front. I havent seen Vettel say Mark shouldnt do that, team orders are okay when they suit him, just not when he thinks he can pinch a victory.

Shane Bridges more than 8 years ago

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