Why do Germans hate shopping centres?



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The reason

I hate these malls because I remember going to specialized stores. Butcher, bakery,... one house, one store. The doorbell would ring, the owner would say „Guten Morgen! Was darf es denn heute sein?“ and „Du bist aber schon groß geworden!“ (google Storck Riesen tv spot 90s) The barber would say some things old barbers say that are the most politically incorrect sentences one can‘t even imagine nowadays and I would be happy he didn‘t cut my throat for wearing baggy pants. But these malls stand for „all your old store owners are dead and everything has changed and you cant keep up with remembering every employees name of all those franchise stores“ Well, there are some photo shops left that smell like poo (Foto Braun, Hermannplatz). btw meet the angriest cashier at netto in Urbanstrasse. He has this tick that there shall not be any space between the items on the Rollband so he stands up and re-arranges everything, with force. It‘s hilarious.

OldManWithIssues more than 1 year ago

I agree, we hate them

yes, Germans hate shopping centres. It’s because most of them are aware that shopping centres and supermarket chains are ‘responsible’ for destroying hundreds of thousands of small specialised cornershops over the last 40 years. Butchers, Bakers, hardware stores, fishmongers, shoemakers - the city centres were full of them. Even the Fußgängerzonen, an invention of the 70s and 80s to save them, are now urban wasteland because of shoppingcentrization. Go to Solingen to see what I mean. And yes, it’s our own fault that this slow death of the cute corner shop has happened, but still we hate shoppingmalls for being the visible proof of this misery.

Thomas more than 1 year ago


...this person publish articles here? what's the point exactly? is she actually paid for writing?

genosse more than 1 year ago


... there are people that really like her style. Like me.

Anne more than 1 year ago

why indeed

my exact question. she seems to have a problem with everything and everyone. why does anyone read that stuff?

Michelle2000 more than 1 year ago

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