Why do I hate flea markets?



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working class?

A hi fi, a house, a car, holidays every year, going to uni, and using the word ex pat - you are so far from being working class that you obviously have zero idea of what it means and how insulting and condescending you are being in this article. It might be a good idea to categorise these articles under First World Problems

Betty more than 1 year ago

Jacinta Nandi

There are enough clothing to go around for everyone for quite awhile. We do not need to produce anymore for the time being, apart from shoes, underwear and socks. If flea markets bore you, then there are plenty of high style second hand shops all around Berlin and online. If you want new, then invest in smaller labels that make good quality, ethically produced items that stand the test of time. Chains like Primark produce super crappy quality clothing in sweat shops and also often with child labour. Second hand does not need to be related to a shabby and worn out look. Shame on all the H&M, Primark & Amazon shoppers, especially in times like today!

Nana Briggs more than 1 year ago

I think you missed the point of that story

It’s not About vintage/second hand clothes vs. New ones.
Its About class system and the experience of it.
I understood, that ‚sloaners’ or ‚chavs’ might mot rezonator Here straight away, but you know, Google.

Magda more than 1 year ago


"Its About class system and the experience of it."

Fuck no. It's about a little crybaby that never grew up and her insecurities and lack of self-worth.

As is profoundly evidenced by lines like "I am literally so depressed now I think I’ll have to go to Primark for some retail therapy – and cheer myself right up." Fuck that.

BigStrongMan more than 1 year ago

Learn some effin' ENGLISH

"There are enough clothing"

"There IS enough clothing" or "There are enough clothes".

Otherwise spot on.


OrthographyOrBust more than 1 year ago

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