Konrad Werner: Why Germany needs more Arabs



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oh yeah I want Arabs with Cadbury, you got my vote Konrad

Berliner Schnauze more than 11 years ago

Drive on, driver

@cadbury girl Yes, Cadbury's are available in the US, but only around Easter - apparently, because they would lead the children to believe that the Christian savior came back in an egg to cause obesity.

@everyone My experience with drivers vs. pedestrians here in Berlin is completely the opposite of my former city - San Francisco. There everyone knew that 'red' means full stop and pedestrians had the right of way even if you were some hokey punk kid taking his god damn time to cross the street. The real psycho drivers were cab drivers. Any chance they got they would swerve and push their way through traffic. I always had an urge for petty vandalism against cab drivers.

Here it's the opposite.The cab drivers are completely respectful. It's the other drivers who are crazy. I don't think they know what a brake pedal is. Upon having to slow down for someone crossing the street, they just let their foot off of the accelerator and let the car continue to roll, so as to "politely" encourage you to get yr ass moving. I'm really inclined to "drop" something in the middle of the cross walk, just to make them find that brake pedal.

Walter more than 11 years ago


get cadbury's in the US?

cadbury girl more than 11 years ago


Get your facts straight. Milka belongs to Kraft... just like ahem Cadbury. Milka wasn't even German to begin with... but Swiss. What are you smoking dude?

Chocolate Lover more than 11 years ago

Why Germany needs more Arabs

In Berlin, the real menace to pedestrians comes from arrogant cyclists.
And, why do you find the availabilty of Cadbury's chocolate 'bizarre'? It is a mark of civilisation.

Andrew more than 11 years ago


Yeah, Berlin drivers will power though you, even kill you or almost kill you, because of the slightest hesitation or indecision. They will also get really angry if you drive 1 kmph below the speed limit.

more than 11 years ago

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