Jacob Sweetman: Why I might not want Germany to lose in the World Cup



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he really does...

look like Kev!!!!

chris m more than 9 years ago

Chris Waddle

Chris Waddle not only made the great leap out of parochial English football but he also had a beautiful mullet and made musical history with Diamond Lights. Surely the definition of an uber man?

Tommy Lassoo more than 9 years ago

shit journo

that was, er, an intentional error... well spotted. Amended.

sweetman more than 9 years ago


Aren't Germany playing Australia on Sunday?

Konrad more than 9 years ago


I'd try the sports dept at galeria meself. Bringing the little one up for a life of misery eh? Still, could be worse, I may be selling some england ones in a couple of weeks time.... All the best

sweetman more than 9 years ago

Football jerseys

Hallo Jake, since you're our international footie expert, do you happen to know where I can find a child's French football jersey in Berlin?

Footie fan more than 9 years ago


attendances in europe (hence the world) too.... They're doing something right, maybe cheap tickets, great beer and fans treated ,mostly, like grown ups works eh?

Sweetman more than 9 years ago

The Bundesliga

has become the most profitable league in the world!


Seymour more than 9 years ago

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