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Dear John - thanks for sharing your feelings about the upcoming elections, although I must say that your attitude towards the candidates (or politicians in general) is saddening me quite a bit. Why you might ask? Because it seems as if you haven't researched anything about Joschka's work in the past five years before publishing your article here. I, too, live in Neukölln and keep myself up to date about what our politicans do by, for instance, checking their websites or facebook-pages for news and information (really, not that hard!).

In a time where more and more members of the younger generation don't care about politics and our hard-fought-fore democracy; in a time where nationalism and racism become more and more dominating in our every-day life; in a time where, especially in Neukölln (if you haven't travelled south of the Ring-Bahn yet, I urge you to do it and see for yourself), the right-wing AfD gets stronger everyday and is threatening our multicultural society (the one that we hold so dear in Berlin) - everyone should go and vote the democratic parties. People who can't vote should at least urge their friends who are eligible to vote to go and cast it. Because at the end of the day everyone will be affected by the results - even you.

Oh, by the way - one reason you might have not heard anything about Joschka up until now is the fact that the constituencies have changed in Neukölln since 2011 - how the new constituencies are now and how they were back in 2011 is easily researchable online. It might be that he wasn't your actully representing your constituencie, depending on where you live. But either way, check out what he has done in the past five years, especially for the children in Neukölln. Thanks, and always keep an open mind!

Cengiz more than 5 years ago

Why I go voting...

I think the author really needs to take a lesson in citizenship, cause he obviously doesn't understand democracy. It's not about finding a party or a candidate with whom you have identical ideas and ideals:
Democracy is always about compromise!

Whether it's within the party or amongst parties who have to try to form a coalition. Why do you live in Berlin? Why in Neukölln? Do you think your neighborhood has changed for better or worse? Do you know any school in your neighborhood? Any social project? Cause if you do know any of these, you for sure know that Joschka is more than just a pretty face.

Marian more than 5 years ago

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