WTF Berlin: Abendbrot, the German Hausfrau's best-kept secret



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Abendbrot is the best

I wish we had it in the US. After a long day the last thing i want to do is make a big dinner. Abendbrot has saved my soul, my relationship, everything.

Bellatrixed 134 days ago


Why is this FAT WHORE still allowed to write her silly little articles here? Why isn't she in the kitchen, making sandwiches for the MEN? She should neither be seen nor heard, she should be WORKING.

FrauenSindMännersache 268 days ago

Abendbrot at 5 pm

Also, germans have their abendbrot at 5, or if they went wild, at 6 p.m. I never get how they manage til morning! I'd plunder the fridge at around 2 a.m. if I only had German Abendbrot at 5.

Carolina 277 days ago

...aber, bitte mit Butter

Don't forget the 1cm layer of butter. Winter is coming, yeah?

herr james 279 days ago

But thats not the whole story...

You missed that in Housewife-Germany lunch is the main meal of the day.
I remember beeing brought home from childcare every day just so I can eat the home-made Sauerkraut and sussages my Mama cooked for me at noon. Only to than be brought back to childcare!
And the boring Abendessen flyes well also with my expat American husband, if you call it "spreadables" and you pretend to have picked them from the food market around the corner (even they are actually from good old LIDL) :-)

a german 279 days ago

Abendbrot is not even food

What's the problem with cooked meals? What's inherently wrong with actually preparing food? A cooked meal must not be a fucking stuffed turkey, you know? Prepare a nice salad, some rice, some fresh spinach, put some effort. Abenbrot is turd food, an abomination what shouldn't be served in prison, let along your kids. Shit processed salami, shit processed cheese, some tired bread and a slice of cucumber? Is that all you can offer Germans? You should never be allowed to criticize the Brits on food like ever, you are worse than them.

Cameron 279 days ago

best German housewife ever

You need to master the German art of being a proud housewife and a self-shaming mum at the same time. But your reaction to your friend's unknowledgeable commenting (she's not well integriert, is she?) points you in the right direction.

Chris 279 days ago

Wow... That was lame

What a strange and lifeless article. There was more on your Covidiot friend than the subject. Sorry to say but I have not missed your column for the last few months and this proved why.

Dan 280 days ago

It makes sense though.

I love Abendbrot. It makes so much sense to only eat something small in the evening instead of gauging on a huge cooked meal. You're also supposed to have it at 18:00, which is probably why German women are generally not overweight. That, and a lot of wandern.

udila 280 days ago

WTF Jacinta/German "hausfrau"

WTF that "hausfrau" stuff. You're just flown in from the 50s? Better journalism, please.

WFT my dog likes sauerkraut 280 days ago

whose sense

Young germans are not very overweight, but have a look at the older age groups and it isn't looking too positive...

history 147 days ago

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