Outrage after Berghain bids to buy Knut's fur



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Fucking (international) Assholes!

yeah, let's assume all Berghain visitors are gay, and while we're at it, let's also assume that all bigots are German (and that they like to read their news in english.)

now, suspending our April Fools' Day disbelief, the only objection i would have to this Knut/Berghain thing is that children wouldn't be able to gain access and appreciate it.

Joey more than 10 years ago


Whatever next? LEAVE KNUT ALONE!! he is not some toy to be played with by the drugged up gays at Berghain!

more than 10 years ago


as if there weren't enough bears there already

moritz more than 10 years ago

April fools!

Or as we say in German: April April!

more than 10 years ago


What is the German for April fool?

Faye Goldsmith more than 10 years ago

Fucking (straight) Germans!

WTF? At least we would have enough respect for the dead not to stick him in a darkroom. And to not presume that the first thing we do with our dead is having a giant fuckfest on it.

Gay Spaniard more than 10 years ago

Back up!

Hey, maybe Bernhard Blaszkiewitz will throw some zoo tranquilizers in the deal as well. There's nothing like snorting a fine white and chilling with a stuffed polar bear at a rave. Are these people delirious?

Nacci Fieber more than 10 years ago

gay spaniards

que fuerte tio

juan carlos more than 10 years ago

But why?

Poor Knut. He can't even have a peaceful death. First, they published photos of his dead body floating around in the dirty Zoo water, and now they want to skin him and put him into the temple of sins...? Wow.

Anonymous more than 10 years ago


Scandalous! I almost dropped my watering can while tending to my spaghetti plant...

Andrew Haydon more than 10 years ago

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