“I’m so proud of Turkey!”



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Izmir city is not one of the most liberal cities in Turkey as you abovementioned. Its totally a Kemalist Nationalist city which never welcomes Kurds. Kurds in this city were attacked many times by the modern looking men and women with their againg modern looking makeups. Izmir's Kemalist nationalist people are not for the protection of the Trees but they are just agains the ruling (and which will probably continue to rule for the next 15 years) AK Party which converts Turkey from being a fascist Kemalist dictatorship to a leading modern world Country in which KURDs are treated as a Nation. I just want you to know that majority of the nation is supporting the AK Party government. But, of course we condemn the police violence. But, believe me this police violence is even the heritage of the Kemalist fascist dictatorship. This Izmir girl should answer what she thought when the police violence was applied on Kurds for more than 30-40 years. Wasn't that Izmir and the rest kemalist nationalist people of this country who became proud of those police officers?

Ommer more than 7 years ago

'Thıs ızmır girl'

Belıeve me, I would give the similar reactıons ıf would be aware of the thıngs that you wrote about The Kurds ın your comment Omer..As I said ın the ınterwıev, I was completely apolitical and blind most of the tıme.. I'm just against to any kind of vıolence to any kind of group.

Gözde Tezer more than 7 years ago


Godze..first of all congrats..bravo..I really salute the Turkish people for protecting the trees..it shows their humanity :) however, future is crucial..as Erdogan to remain in power will try to pacify the people and with his apologies remain in power and subtly change the secular patter of Turkey..what surprises me is the youth of Turkey who wants it to become an Islamic country..Turkey is beautiful because it is unique and I am sorry but secularism is progressive..wherever we look around..Islam curtails freedom and especially women..hope Erdogan and his party loses power and the genuine secular let Turkey breathe again..actually Turkey needs genuine leaders and parties who understand what is secularism and also Attaturk's vision...

Indrani Talukdar more than 7 years ago

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