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sharing the Syrian word in Berlin

hi both, thanks for your comments! it would be great to somehow have more representation of Syrian support groups in the centralized places - as after 5 full days in lots of government and community places - including oranienplatz, I had not found this union or group. Maybe you could provide the following two centralized places in Berlin for refugee assistance with the info to pass on about the support groups you know?
greetz, the author

Kap more than 8 years ago

Dear Exberliner

In your magazine EXBERLINER, issue no. 121, you printed an interview with the Syrian programmer Milo. I would like to thank you for your interest in covering the difficulties facing the Syrian people in Germany. However, Milo said in the interview that he was unable to find any existing Syrian Groups in Berlin which support Syrian refugees, therefore, implying that such groups do not exist. I would like to correct this information. I am a member of the “Union of Syrian Students and Academics”, whose aim is to support Syrian students in Germany and we are currently helping Syrian refugees. Moreover, there are other Syrian organizations which are active in Berlin and in Germany. For more information look at our new website ussa-syria.org/www/ussa/# (not 1005 ready yet) and the website of another aid group lien-for-syrians.com/en/. and the office of the National Syrian Coalation in Berlin in Chausseestr. 101.

From a reader more than 8 years ago


Thanks for the information... I am Syrian here in Berlin and I am also facing lots problems concerning my pass and Visa. I think we need a Syrian Organization to support non Students in Germany. The Lien Organization is offering help to Syrians in Syria or in the refugees camps.

Rana more than 8 years ago

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