"A woman is not a consumer product."



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I can't help getting the feeling that there's a deeply, almost right-wing, patronising, morality being packaged here under the guise of womens' rights. It comes as no surprise to me that a number of feminists are on these issues not entirely divorced from a religious right. The argument being prostitution is evil and leads to the complete ruin of all involved and must be stopped for the good of the women involved. Of course, the terminology is different, but the end effect is the same; being the removal of personal freedoms for our own good. A brief look at prohibition of all things says to me that, if I wanted to create a truly criminal exploitative sex industry, the best way would be through making it illegal. I too, took issue with 'ask yourself why young male....don't' and found that such a statement had an air of ignoring a reality because it doesn't fit in with Chantal's ideology.

Mark more than 6 years ago

Prostitution, men and women.

I've always been mystified why prositution is always discussed soley as a 'women's issue', or even a 'feminist issue'. Male prostitution is widespread, yet nobody talks about it. Male brothels exist even in Berlin; there are also 'boy-bars', not to mention the advertisments one finds in the gay media. Chantal Louis is grossly misinformed when she rhetorically says 'Ask yourself why young male students don’t do that'. They do, and considering the far smaller gay population, a far higher proportion of gay men are in contact with the sex industry either as sellers or as buyers compared to their straight brethren.

Andrew more than 6 years ago

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