Ask Dr. Dot: matters of size



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Gelber's Response

Gee, Ron! YOU, of all people, are giving bedroom advice? HA! I knew that post was from you before I even saw your name. Get off of Dottie's case and get a life.

Anonymous more than 10 years ago


Dear Beer Belly Bart/Dr. Jekyl; Mr. Hyde:
If you believe Dr. Dot to be nonprogressive and close-minded why oh why did you seek her advice? And why are you suddenly whining about music, as there was no mention of it in your question nor in Dr. Dot's response? Do you want Dr. Dot to spin tunes and shout directions from your bedside while you carrry on with your paramour? I don't understand the connection between lack of music and your fails. Sex entails much more than rubbing skin. If you are clueless as to setting the mood/providing props, etc., don't put it on someone else, mahn. And while I'm at it, why not lose some weight and get into better physical shape--you'll most likely feel better, and possibly be a better lover.

Rotsa Ruck!

Carol Stanton more than 10 years ago

Beer Belly Bart

A: When trying new positions with new women, I recommend trying out some new music to go with it. Keep in mind that Dot is NOT into trying out some new music, since she is stuck in the past, and is not open minded. This should give a new feeling of vitality. This new feeling of vitality is progressive. New people means hearing new music. That should work magic.

Ronald Gelber more than 11 years ago

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