Ask Dr. Dot: Paramours and popstar lovers



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Quite your whining, her advice is still as fresh as ever. Haters!

Rory O'Brien more than 8 years ago

Couldn't agree more

with above comment. Your advice in the first two letters is chauvinist cr**.

Strids more than 8 years ago

Oh, come on!

I used to think of this column as fresh and humorous, but this is the biggest load of bullshit ever. A pregnant woman who gives head a couple of times a week and fucks her husband on a regular basis should give more?! And there really ARE medical reasons for not having too much sex during the last trimester. Stroking a pop stars ego while he's giving hints of wanting an affair?! What happened to talking and working on a relationship together? Get a fucking grip women, and stand up for yourselves. Really.

libra84 more than 9 years ago

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