Ask Dr. Dot: Dirt on the doctor, indecisive twats



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possible FB censors (flaggers)

Through vague and mysterious means I have been told that if you have the names Silvia Oliverios and/or Laura Henschel on your FB list that these might be the possible troublemakers (FB flaggers).

lou minatto on fb more than 9 years ago

Huge Thank you

Hey Dr Dot, Just a huge thank you for your insight, wisdom, humour, understanding and great writing around the topic of love/sex/relationships from New Zealand. Have been reading and admiring your work for years - it's been a great help to me, and I'm guessing to thousands of other women and men. Love the attitude and belief in self you impart. Exberliner is very lucky to have you onboard. Have a great Christmas and an exquisite New Year. Rebeccah

Rebeecah more than 9 years ago


Dr. Dot still provides informative, information and humor packed columns every month. Please, keep her coming, no pun intended. Positively love this stuff.

Rory O'Brien more than 9 years ago

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