Bernhard Schlink: “The Germans want things to be grand.”



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Germans Have ZERO Moral Authority

When you commit genocide to the tune of millions of deaths on two continents (Africa and Europe) within the space of a century, you have no moral authority to speak of. When there are no people of color in any positions of authority in either the private or public sectors, despite foreigners making up over 20% of the German population, you have no moral authority to speak of.

When after getting your ass beaten and bombed in two world wars you still maintain a pompous, righteous attitude with your nose stuck up in the air, you have no moral authority to speak of.

Germans remain morally reprehensible to this day. Racist and fascist to the core, the only thing that will stop the Germans is another war.

Cringeworthy Germany 108 days ago

More mindless drivel from a German Apologist

So Germany’s perpetual beggar-thy-neighbors which is bankrupting small EU countries while the Germans get rich isn’t a German wish to “conquer or dominate politically?” Imposing harsh austerity measures on countries like Greece while German banks get rich from the misery they created with billions of dollars in toxic derivatives and bad loans “is not creating major damage” in your opinion!?!? You are disingenuous if not ignorant about the havoc Germany created due its it know-it-all, holier than though attitude which is based firmly in Nazism and the belief that Germans are a master race and deserve to tell everyone what to do because after all, who knows better than a German?!?

You sound like a typical German who slyly likes to make it seem that the evil Germans perpetuate on a daily basis is harmless and inconsequential. On the contrary, it is pure evil and so are you for trying to justify evil behavior on the part of the Germans!

Cringeworthy Germany 108 days ago

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