The boss of the ghetto steps down



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just my two cents.

Well I guess the author is also white and male (so am I, btw) and thus old and strong enough not to get
into serious quarrels with Neukölln youth gangs - I personally consider the claim "multiculturalism has failed" to be false.
Nevertheless, the concept of the existance of parallel societies cannot be seriously denied, in my opinion.
English natives will probably have a differring stance on this one. And seriously dealing with this problem in English will
have to include the discussion of the question "is there such a thing as society, after all?"

Ever wondered where all those cute graffitis come from, ever wondered who's running red light bussiness in Berlin? Ever studied in a class of thirty where you're one of three "Kartoffels" ? Ever played a match against an all-Turkish soccer club?

Turkish and Middle East Immigrants are a part of the Berlin society, they work some of the shittiest jobs in this town and contribute to the functioning of the city. However, it's in no way useful to ignore that they have their fair share of "troublemakers" and "problem childs", as well.

What's the stand of the author on integration politics? I guess the approach of "Let's just be polite and not address the
existing problems and pretend that we're all one big family in a well-functioning society." doesn't work very well.

Fortunately enough, Berlin as of today (allowing for a "brave" exemption of the 1933-1945 period)
still has to witness such disastrous events as the 2011 Riots in London or the breakdown of civilisation sparked by
natural catastrophes, such as Nouvelle Orléans a couple of years ago. Neither does Berlin life -as of yet- feature (with the exeption of the occassional motor club morons stabbing one another) vengeance acts of drug dealers running around with heavy gun in parts of the inner city (see Paris, Marseille, USA) - I'd personally be very happy if my friends children growing up today in this town will still be able to say this in 30 years.

Being a member of a disadvantaged group does not automatically make you an aggressive and incult moron, but it
doesn't prevent you from being one, neither.

The problem with Sarrazin is, that this guy's main interest is statistics and figures rather than people
- resulting in an incapacity to state his claims in a more 'diplomatic' and 'civil' manner.

I don't think its completely appropriate to blame Buschkowsky for the media (mostly television) echoe his book
provoked - i mean, you know how television (and newspapers, to a lesser extent,) work - pick the most
controversial phrases from a book of hundreds of pages and blow them up as much as you can.

My recommendation: any book by the turkish authoresse Necla Kelak on the problems of turkish migrants in Berlin.
If you're short on time: Movie Knallhart (tough enough), 2006 (Detlef Buck)

all the best

permaneder more than 6 years ago

a further recommendation

Werner Schiffauer : "Parallelgesellschaften - Wie viel Wertekonsens braucht unsere Gesellschaft?"

alois more than 6 years ago

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