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a broken system

as a tourist on a recent visit to Berlin - we decided that the tages karte was the best ticket for us. on our 3rd and final day in the city - the machine in the station did not accept cards to buy our 2 tickets. we tried both credit and debit cards. obviously we did not have coins to the value of 14.80 to pay for the two tickets.. two other couples were having the same problem. We were heading to Alexanderplatz to the left luggage - so a native suggested we go there as there are more options for paying. We were stopped getting off the train in Alexandreplatz and we explained our situation and showed that we had tickets from our other days but that the machine did not accept cards at the station we came from nor accepted notes.
the ridiculous reply was that we should have gone and got change! From where? Despite our protestations - we were fined and we said we would appeal. Even in Alexanderplatz - the machine did not take cards nor €50 notes and the change machine was broken!! we met two Japanese tourists equally frustrated who had been refused change at a shop. We ended up queuing in the BVG office - we lost over 2 hours on our last day trying to buy a ticket.
Frankly I was shocked by my experience with the BVG who were extremely intimidating, anti-customer and anti tourist. The payment system in not fit for purpose and innocent people are being penalised for an antiquated broken system. that is the last time I will set foot in Berlin.

niamh o'donoghue - ireland more than 5 years ago

Mighty Whiteys

That's quite a collection of white people you've got there.

Fela Kuti more than 6 years ago

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