Christiane’s second life

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English translation

Can someone please translate this book into English. I've been waiting for years to read the follow up

Bal more than 4 years ago

Is there any way of reading this book in English?

I have been wanting to read this book since it came out,I'm sure there are heaps of other English speakers also to warrant the investment for the publishers.

Michael Wolsey more than 5 years ago

My secong life

Can someone please translate the book into english

Bal more than 5 years ago


where's the book in english????????

Odree Jodoin more than 5 years ago

no english translation in the future

i have been in touch with the publishers in germany and they said that no english publisher has come forward yet. as this was over a year ago and the book has been out for nearly three years i very much doubt it will happen. shame as there are many of us who will have wondered what became of christiane after the first book.

vanessa more than 5 years ago

christiane f

I can't wait for the English version. What's the delay?

bal more than 6 years ago

When is it coming to the U.S.?

When is this book coming to America? I can't get any information. Please hurry!

BB more than 6 years ago

I really want to read the English translation...

why the hold-up?

ø more than 6 years ago

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