Confessions of an MI5 whistleblower



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Should psychologists be accepted as witnesses in intelligence agency questions?

It is really interesting, your article on intelligence agencies. I must read it again.

MI5 probably do say they do not support torture, or countries that use torture. Is this true? If it is not, and your article seems to suggest it might not be, are the police of Commonwealth countries checked out to see if they communicate with British intelligence agencies in this area? If they are checked out: how?

As for working for intelligence agencies, whistleblowers might face one problem: if they complain, they will be told they are insane? Is this mentioned? Are psychologists checked out to see if they are intimidating people into being forced into silence? Are files of psychologists, psychiatrists, and also the employees of intelligence agencies gone through to see if they have been forced to go to psychologists for example? Coercion can be subtle, and blackmail powerful.

If a person was forced to choose between being a gibbering idiot sitting in a mental clinic with brain-destroying drugs being forced on them and a lot of nurses telling them they needed to cure their illness which they do not have, they might choose to stay silent.

Obviously if they choose to tell on others, they run risks of severe intimation or worse, but there might be other risks that the media does not explain or check out.

It is just a thought. I do not speak from my own experience: I do not work for an intelligence agency and I never would. But it could happen that a person is forced into silence when they know corruption occurs, and one way to stop a trap, is to force psychologists' files to be gone through, as this is an area that is not looked at carefully it seems, in all the discussion about spying that is going on at the moment. There may be people living in traps who cannot get out of them.

Katrina Wood more than 6 years ago

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