Double-D diva: Nadja Sayej



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I want to titfuck that woman!

I know best more than 8 years ago


I am so proud of you Nadja :)
..."ride that train" :)
Thank you for the smiles!!!!

Shannah P. (formally F) more than 8 years ago


Her schtick is totally lame. Time to move back to Canada!

Mies van der Rohe more than 9 years ago

What Sarah said

You just seem overly self-involved or egotistical, which is...embarrassing and lame, frankly.

Ben more than 9 years ago

distinctly nadja

this is a great feature! congrats girlfriend ;) bringing a new meaning to "shake what yo mamma gave you!" xo

joshua shier more than 9 years ago

come on

Oh come on, have a bit of fun! Nothing wrong with putting the spotlight on a boob or two every once in a while, don't be so serious all of the time!!

Carrie Cole more than 9 years ago


Nadja, I think you do have something to contribute as an observer of the art scene but I am so tired of hearing about your tits and the false bravado that goes with it. I used to happily watch/read your blog but I am officially signing off since the entire boob thing is just so old now. Yawn.

Sarah Stanners more than 9 years ago

I'm the best

ExBerliner reached a new HIGH with this article about me, and taking the risk they did with the boobs issue. It has the city in a great divide, as all great journalism does - begin an argument. Cheers.

Nadja more than 9 years ago

boobs and boob jobs

wow. this is really something. the leading story at the top of yr homepage is about some uninteresting, unappealing blogger and the first question you ask your carefully selected subject is about her boobs. i knew your publication was embarrassingly poorly written, appealing only to the lowest common denominator, and irrelevant, but you've hit a new low. your classified ads are not worth the romp past your truly dismal homepage. what a rediculous bit of shit this is. and those responsible for this crap? unverschämt.

nancy martin more than 9 years ago

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