Forbidden love



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How about sex with a corpse?

Can we legalize necrophilia too? And sex with children? They can certainly express their feelings, if you give them enough candy.

curious more than 5 years ago


How does he know how the dog REALLY feels? I mean, I can communicate with my cat but there's a barrier I can not pass. The language, you know. We are historically dog owners, and that's a different status as lovers. I don't know how to feel about this.

Talita more than 6 years ago

This article should be forbidden

As i read this article in the magazine i was disgusted and now you posted it online. Is this a way to attract "edgy" readers? Shame on you, what's next a cannibal or a pedophile?

Maria more than 7 years ago

intolerant people :(

What mostly matters that zoophilia was "legal" for half a century and now its being witch hunted again.

zndxxx more than 6 years ago

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